ftpUP - latest release : 0.4.0
- latest development version : 0.4.0-pre5 (old)

ftpUP is a utility which allows you to 'link' existing websites to a local
server. it was designed as a more reliable and quicker acting alternative
to dyndns for making webservers which are connected via a dial-up link
available under a fixed address. you need webspace with ftp access to
use this tool. the key features of ftpUP are :
+ updates take effect much faster than with dyndns
+ your server can be marked as offline or the content can be
delivered from a different server if your local server is down
+ the startpage can provide meta-keywords for searchengines, even
if your server at home is not available
+ you can supply a welcome message including a logo or something
like that to the visitors
+ problems should be easy to track down since ftpUP keeps
extensive logs about the update process

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- v 0.4.0-pre5
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- v 0.4.0-pre4
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